Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

The following information is provided to our customers as to how we are operating during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you have concerns about using our services during the Covid-19 pandemic please contact Your Indi-Tech representative will have already provided you with additional contact information. Independent Technologies LLC has implemented the following Covid-19 preparedness and response plan.

1. Nearly all work we perform can be done remotely. Because of this we are insisting this be the first course of action.

2. If it is decided our presence on site is necessary, we ask that you limit the number of people in the operational area to only those we are supporting.

3. Because it is often necessary to touch and operate your equipment during the troubleshooting process, we ask that you disinfect the area where we will be working. We understand some surfaces can be hard to disinfect, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us before your appointment. We have many ways of working with you and your equipment, many require no hands-on interaction.

4. We will wear a face mask as much as possible to help prevent our respiration from contaminating the environment. We use hand sanitizer between appointments. We can’t stop Covid-19 from spreading, we do take modest precautions to prevent contaminating work areas and equipment but our abilities are limited. Please consider this before scheduling an appointment requiring personal interaction, or our staff arriving on site.

5. Our employees do not work when showing any signs of illness. Staff temperatures are taken every day and before every appointment.

6. Due to the difficult nature of preventing contamination while spending extended time with you and your hardware, we are limiting contact time. We will be bringing work back to our office whenever possible to reduce our time at your location.

7. We are not responsible for disinfecting, sanitizing, or performing any other service involving the removal of infectious diseases or any other similar material from your environment or any equipment we service. We will attempt to sanitize your equipment, brought back to our office for service, before and after it is serviced. It is up to you to either quarantine or properly disinfect your equipment after our service. We will not disinfect your work area or equipment after our visit. Due to the variety of materials, environments, health requirements and other factors our customers may have, it is difficult to offer effective decontamination services.

8. We are limiting all appointments requiring physical interaction with customers, specifically multiple on-site appointments in one day. This is an attempt to avoid spreading Covid-19.

9. We surface clean all equipment taken back to our office using cloth applied isopropyl alcohol. Due to the nature of much of the equipment we service, we do not use sanitizing sprays or sprays in any form. Please be aware that any equipment with internal fans may bring Covid-19 into the hardware and later release it into the environment when operated elsewhere.

10. The equipment we service is not essential to life. If you have concerns about Covid-19 and the equipment we service, we suggest you leave your equipment quarantined after service for a time sufficient to allow possible contamination to become ineffective. Please refer to your local health authorities for guidance on how long your equipment needs to be quarantined after possible contact with Covid-19.

We realize every situation is unique and we have a variety of ways to adapt. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about our policies, we can make accommodations for most situations.